Fable or Fact: Do Mangoes Make Marijuana More Potent

Fable or Fact: Do Mangoes Make Marijuana More Potent?

Have you ever heard the rumor that consuming mangoes before smoking marijuana will help you achieve a more intense high? If you thought that this is nothing but an urban myth, you might just be in for a great surprise.

It appears that there is research out there that confirms that this tropical fruit could indeed be the best friend of those looking for an extra powerful trip. The secret is found in a potent chemical -myrcene- present in mangoes, which, when interacting with marijuana, could significantly alter the effects of cannabis.

What Is Myrcene?

Found in mangoes, bay leaves, basil, thyme, and to an extent, marijuana, myrcene is a terpene, a chemical that contributes to the rich, characteristic flavors of plants. Upon entering the system, myrcene can influence the way tetrahydrocannabinol -or as commonly known, THC- binds to cannabinoid receptors found throughout the human body.

When the compounds in marijuana and myrcene interact, they create an interesting mechanism, something science refers to as the entourage effect. When this takes place, chemicals found in the two separate plants begin working together in synergy to create an enhanced and more immense experience of high, far more intense than smoking marijuana in itself.

Myrcene is known to science as a sedative, calming and slowing you down significantly, a characteristic that those who swear by the Indica strains -the type of Cannabis that contains greater amounts of this compound naturally- greatly enjoy. It is no wonder then, that if used in combination with a fruit that’s also high in this terpene, the effects are likely to be significantly magnified.

Aside from turning you into a couch potato, myrcene has some other qualities that could further enhance your high when consumed. Since it is also known to be a great pain reliever that’s capable of decreasing inflammation while easing anxiety, minimizing stress, and fighting depression; when used in sync with marijuana -a plant also blessed with similar mental health-promoting abilities- you could experience the perfect, most relaxing high, as a result.

All of the above makes perfect sense to those of us who are not experts. However, let’s see what science exactly claims about myrcene and the potent connection between mangoes and marijuana.

The Science Behind Myrcene

Surprisingly, aside from the previously discussed connections, there isn’t quite enough research on this topic to prove beyond doubt that marijuana and mangoes together could cause an extraordinary high. While there are several claims about myrcene being capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, thereby increasing the absorption of cannabinoids in your system, science doesn’t quite confirm this just yet, either.

When it comes to the science of myrcene, ultimately, we are left with just as many unresolved questions as confirmed answers. It is clear: more research is sorely needed, not only studying myrcene in separation but in synergy with all the other terpenes found in mangoes. Only this way will we be able to decide whether mangoes and marijuana truly are as powerful when consumed at once as anecdotes suggest.

How to Use Marijuana and Mangoes Together?

Undoubtedly, there are many who wish to test for themselves whether the mango-marijuana connection is a fact or merely a fable. For these individuals, Steep Hill Labs, the world’s leading cannabis science and technology company has an actionable recommendation to consider.

According to Steep Hill’s advice, if you want to use mangoes and marijuana in sync, eat the mango first, approximately 45 minutes before smoking marijuana, to allow your body to begin digesting the fruit first. Your best bet is to pick a fresh, ripe mango so that it can be broken down quickly and efficiently.

Chances are, you might be in for the high of your lifetime; however, don’t be surprised if, despite all the hype, your experience is nothing like you’ve initially expected. As it turns out, not all mangoes have the same myrcene concentration, which could mean that before you truly get to notice a difference, you will need some experimentation, as well as some patience.

In the end, mangoes and marijuana together likely indeed create a potent duo. Just how potent, though, you may ask? Well, we might have to wait a while more to allow some time for science to catch up about all the details.

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